The Top 20 Web Sites for Church Communicators

Recently Light Cast Media was selected as one of the top 20 killer sites that can inspire you by Outreach Magazine! Wow, what an honor. For us to be listed with Seth Godin, Mark Batterson, 37signals, as well as many others is off the chain.

Thank you Outreach and Kevin D. Hendricks for writing the article. You can view the article and read about all 20 web sites here.


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Data Center Added in San Jose

Today, Light Cast Media added a new data center in San Jose, California. This new addition now totals 7 data centers in 6 geographical locations. Dallas, Atlanta, New York, San Jose, Amsterdam and Australia.

Why San Jose? Simple, many of our customers are streaming major amounts of content to Hawaii, and Asia. San Jose, California provides amazing low latency connections to those areas as well as Mexico and North American western states.

For the tech heads and security conscious out there, this additional data center is equipped with redundant UPS power and a diesel generator, advanced environmental controls including HVAC, gas fire suppression, biometric access control systems and a multi-homed network for 100 percent uptime. At Light Cast Media, we are fully committed to excellence, and meeting your every need. So enjoy San Jose, its a beautiful city...

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Granger Film Festival

Day 1 of the Innovative Church Conference (ICC) included the Granger Film Festival (GFF). This is where churches from all across the country came to show off there stuff! The GFF was looking for original films created by church volunteers or staff to further their mission, illustrate a point, or promote or highlight an event.

Light Cast Media was selected as the official streaming media provider and we are happy to say the videos are now available to view. Thank you to the ICC folks for letting us be a part of the conference, and we hope to see your videos next year hosted by Light Cast Media.

Check out the "Best in Show" videos, as well as the other 16 final contestants.

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A journey to the past...

Many great things have happened in the past few months at Light Cast Media that we wanted to share with you. Since we did not blog at the time, I figured we would just lump the top 5 into this post.

1) We deployed our multi-node content distribution network. In simple terms, we added four new data centers overnight. Our content distribution network now includes 2 nodes in Dallas, Atlanta, New York, Australia, and Amsterdam.

2) Added some great new reporting features in the "basic" reporting section. Now you can sort by multiple options, view stream requests, and see where your videos are being viewed by country, and more granular.

3) Deployed "Live" active stream reporting. With Active Stream Reporting you can view all your videos being streamed throughout the world. It shows you what server it is streaming from, what location it is being streamed to, where the viewer started in the video, where they are currently in the video, as well as how long they have been watching.

4) Intelligent video display. Let me remind you that Light Cast Media's desires to make your life simpler when it comes to streaming media. A simple way we do that is by you not having to think! Intelligent video display simply delivers the best video possible to your viewers based on their connection speed. In other words, if you have 1 video, with 5 different quality settings we will serve up the best quality possible every-time without you doing a thing! Streaming made simple.

5) Flash8/vp6 support. mediaSTREAM fully supports new newest Flash codec.

We are so excited about some of the upcoming releases. Currently the Light Cast Media development team has a full plate of upgrades, new features, etc. Stay tuned into this blog to learn more.

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Light Cast Media goes live!

Today, Thursday September 21st Light Cast Media officially launched as a company. Many great customers have been with us for the last 6 months using the system in “alpha” mode helping us build out our tool sets, offering great recommendations, and allowing us to create an tailored solution.

The future of Light Cast Media is very bright. By offering the highest quality video available we are confident that you will love our product offering and great prices. Take a moment to visit to learn all about our mediaSTREAM offerings. Also, take a moment and let us know what your needs are as well. We are committed to offering the best solutions and the best technology, and we lean on our customers to drive us in those areas. Visit our Contact Us page and give us your thoughts and ideas.


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