From the developers desk this week

This week we focused on adding features to the console and squashing some newly discovered bugs. We are getting close to offering a video library system in the console management system. Stay tuned for more information on this. We also rolled out two new integration features. 1) Mark a video public and link it into your console. 2) Data-only integration.

Bug Fixes

We added a workaround for a bug in some VP6 encoding solutions. This wasn't really our bug, but we do everything we can to make the service run smoothly for our customers.

Video profiling. There was a bug in our profiling system causing it to not store the profiling information if the sample rate of the audio track was about 32khz. These videos would play in fail safe mode, but the initial size of the video area would be incorrect.


The stream details page that you see after uploading a video is now available at any time by clicking the video name in the video manager. We will continue to add new features to this.

Live video

We continue to make progress on our live video solution. It should be available to our regular customers in Q1 2007.


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