From the developers desk this week

This week most of the Light Cast Media developers were working on the Content Distribution Network. Uptime is important to us, because we know it is important to you!

Content Distribution and System Monitoring
This week we finalized core CDN code to monitor where the media files are routed. Example: You are a customer located in Atlanta. You log in and upload your files to the LCM network. Our system will know where you are, and route your files to our Atlanta data-center. Also this week, we improved our Edge caching system. Example: Your media is being watched by someone in California, and you are located in Florida. Our system knows that it is coming from California, and copies your file into cache to our Edge Server in our San Jose, CA data-center. We made the updates this week to give us a lot of flexibility as we scale out and to ensure high uptime and unmatchable quality.

Live Streaming
As much as I hesitate to publish this, here we go. This week we ran another test of our live streaming solution. We are working with one of our large churches and original "alpha" clients to tweak and hone in on an amazing live streaming solution for you. The initial testing is going great, and we have a nice solution mapped out. As it stands today, we look to roll out Live Streaming Q1 of 2007.

Stay tuned... Next week we plan on announcing a huge new piece of functionality. Yes, I did say huge!


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2 Responses to “From the developers desk this week”

  1. # Pastor Barry Whitlow

    Just bumped into LightCast via Granger Church. I've been hoping to find a video broadcast solution for our church without also having to tolerate all the yukky crud. I found it, right?  

  2. # Light Cast Media

    Pastor Barry,

    Thanks for the comment and for finding us. Yes, you found it. We would love to get a demo going for you and show you around. We know you will love the product.

    Light Cast Media Team  

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