From the developers desk this week

This week was a very productive week for the Light Cast Media developers. The goal of this weekly blog post is to bring you all up to speed on all the additions and changes to the Light Cast Media system.

Auto Player Positioning/Sizing
When a video is uploaded, the server automatically detects the uploaded video size. Now the player will always start out at the actual video size, which should mean no resizing, and fast video start times.

New Video Controls
Two new video players were launched this week. First, a "Thin-White" video player and and additional "No-Controls" player. You might be asking yourself, why a No-Controls player? Simple, we had a customer who requested it, so we added it.

Bug fix
We noticed that there was a minor bug where 10px were being cut off vertically from all videos. We would be shocked if you guys ever noticed this. However, it is important to us to strive for excellence, so we fixed it this week.


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