Series Manager

The new Light Cast Media series manager provides a simple way to organize your sermon series.  Add the series view to your web site once, and you no longer have to manually add your videos. »

AI Transcripts

Keep track of your sermon with our AI assisted speech recognition system.  Our system will automatically generate a transcript for download, search and closed captioning.  We include an easy to use editor allowing you to correct any errors made by the AI text to speech engine.  We also automatically tag »

OneClick Encoder

OneClick Encoder, by Light Cast Media, makes streaming simple and affordable. Stream live events including church services, weddings, youth events and conferences without needing additional sophisticated equipment or trained operators. Easily mounts to any flat surface.Quality is amazing! No longer are you limited to a single output out of »

Simulated Live Streaming

Would you like to run additional services for an online campus during the week?  Place your video on a schedule, and we'll handle the rest.  To the user, it looks just like live video... without the hassle of replaying through your encoder. »

Live Streaming

Stream without worries to our proprietary live streaming network.  Unlike many of our competitors, we can deliver your stream as you send it, at a quality level and bit rate that you choose.  We also understand that your services likely include legally licensed content such as music and video clips. »

Live Simulcasting

YouTube and Facebook actively limit your stream with content/copyright detection systems that will shut down your stream and even block your account for broadcasting your fully licensed worship service or video clips.  That's not a problem with Light Cast Media.  You can broadcast your entire service at the highest »